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Intercultural Creative Life was founded in March 2015.

The aim is to create interesting artistic, social, and cultural activities, to develop especially music education and to establish international cooperation by organizing thematic and interesting concerts.

The artistic activity of the association was started by the successful 1st year of the Vlastimil Lejsek International Competition for Piano Duos in 2015 and is followed by other cultural and educational events and concerts up to the present.

Articles of association

ICL, z. s.


Art. 1

Name, form and registered office

Spolek Intercultural Creative Life, z.s. (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) the abbreviation ICL is a legal entity established in accordance with Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended. It is based at Cihlářská 646/24, 602 00 Brno-město, Brno.


Art. 2

The nature of the association

It is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association of persons, established pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll. Civil Code, as amended. The association is a legal entity.


Art. 3

Basic purposes of the association

The basic purposes of the association are:

a) organizing artistic and cultural activities, which is the main mission of the association

b) the provision of services of general interest in the field of culture

c) educational activities


Art. 4

Forms of association activities

 The forms of activity of the association are in particular:

a) organization of public and educational events (concerts, festivals, lectures, seminars, courses, competitions, conferences, presentations)

b) advisory and consulting activities

c) research and education in the field of artistic didactics and pedagogy

d) practical cooperation with other bodies at national and international level in the field

e) promotion of the association's activities

f) publishing and distribution of publications, brochures, leaflets


Art. 5

Membership in the association

1. There are two types of membership in the Association, namely regular membership and honorary membership.

2. Both a natural person over the age of 15 and a legal entity can become a full or honorary member of the association.

3. The Board of the Association decides on the admission of full members on the basis of a written application of the applicant. The approval of at least two members of the Board of the Association is sufficient for the admission of a member. Membership is established on the day when the council approves the admission of the applicant on the basis of his written application. The written application is submitted on a form predetermined by the Association, which will contain the required information.

4. Honorary membership arises on the basis of a decision of the Board of the Association to offer honorary membership to a natural or legal person and a declaration by that person that he accepts honorary membership in the Association.


Art. 6

Rights and obligations of members

1. All the rights and obligations set out in these Statutes and in the law shall be associated with full membership.

2. Honorary membership is a representative form of membership and an honorary member is not obliged to actively participate in the running of the association, but also has no right to vote at the membership meeting and the right to be elected as a member of the bodies.

3. A member of the association has the right in particular:

a. to participate in all activities of the association, to elect the Council of the association and other bodies of the association and to be elected to these bodies

b. assess and approve reports on the activities of the association

c. submit proposals, comments, and suggestions for the activities of the association


4. A member of the association is obliged in particular:

a. comply with the statutes and other regulations and provisions

b. to defend the interests of the main mission of the association

c. notify the statutory body of changes to the data specified in the application

d. actively participate in the activities of the association


Art. 7

Termination of membership

1. Membership expires:

a. on the basis of the notification of a member of the association about the termination of membership in the association

b. death

c. expulsion of a member for gross violation of the Articles of Association

d. expulsion of a member for inactivity in the activities of the association


2. The Board of the Association decides on the expulsion of a member. At least 3 members of the association's board must agree to the expulsion of a member.


Art. 8

Association bodies

1. The highest body of the association is the membership meeting, which meets at least once a year to:

a. approved any amendments to the Articles of Association,

b. has elected at least a three-member board of the association for a five-year term of office, or dismissed this board of the association,

c. approved the report on the activities of the association and the report on the management for the previous period,

d. determined the concept of the association's activities for the next period,

e. approved the budget of the association for the next period,

f. elected honorary members of the association, decided to expel a member of the association,

g. decided to dissolve the association with liquidation or to transform it


2. The meeting of the membership meeting of the association is convened by the chairman of the association. A quorum shall exist if an absolute majority of its members attend. Honorary members are not counted for the purpose of calculating the quorum. If the membership meeting is unable to pass a resolution, the chairman of the association will convene an alternate membership meeting within one month from the date of the original meeting, this repeated membership meeting has a quorum regardless of the number of members present.

3. A membership meeting will be convened even if one-third of the members of the association initiate the convening of the association.

4. The members' meeting shall take decisions by a simple majority of votes. It decides on the dissolution of the association with liquidation or its transformation by a qualified majority.

5. The decisions taken at the membership meeting shall be recorded by the member of the association authorized by the membership meeting. The minutes shall be signed by two members present at the meeting of the membership meeting.

6. The activities of the association between membership meetings are managed by the council of the association, which elects a chairman from among its members. It is also within the competence of the association's council to remove the chairman.

7. The council of the association has three members. Her term of office is five years. The council of the association meets as needed. The board of the association can take a decision if at least 50% of the members are present and at the same time, the chairman is present. The decision is approved if it was voted for by an absolute majority of the members present.

8. In the event of resignation, dismissal, or death of a member of the Association Council, the Association Council shall ensure the addition of a new member from the regular members of the Association.

9. The chairman of the association is the statutory body of the association, on behalf of the association the members of the association authorized by the chairman also act in writing. These persons act independently on behalf of the association, but in the case of financial obligations over CZK 10,000, the approval of the Association Council must be granted. Persons authorized to act on behalf of the association may grant a power of attorney to represent another person. The term of office of the chairman is five years and he is elected by the Board of the Association. The chairman is obliged to convene a meeting of the membership meeting in accordance with Article 8 of these statutes, to keep a proper agenda of the membership meeting and a list of members of the association, to archive all minutes of the membership meeting.


Art. 9

Management of the association

1. The association is a non-profit organization. Any income will consist of donations, subsidies, and grants and will be used for the activities of the association. Other income may be income from activities that are in line with the goals of the association. The Association may enter into a cooperation agreement with a legal entity to finance its activities.

2. The Board of Directors of the Association informs the members of the Association of the results of management at each membership meeting.

3. In the event of the dissolution of the association, its property is transferred to another legal entity with a related object of activity, ie the organization of artistic and cultural activities, after the liquidation.


Art. 10

Final Provisions

1. Matters not covered by these Statutes shall be governed by the generally applicable law.

2. The Articles of Association were approved at the inaugural meeting on 12 March 2015 and its amendments at the meeting on 28 May 2015. They take effect on the day of entry in the Federal Register kept at the Regional Court in Brno.


President of the association:

Members of the association: