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VV FEST 2018 - the international piano festival of Věra and Vlastimil Lejsek

takes place 15.-17. November 2018. The opening concert will be presented by two world-renowned piano duos: PETROF (Mexico) and EGIA (Macedonia / Russia). The program is designed to introduce important personalities of Brno's cultural life and focuses not only on the life and work of Vlastimil Lejsko. It also offers a unique opportunity for the local population to theoretically be educated and practically watch the musical presentation of selected works. The project is also a demonstration and expression of human solidarity and will support small patients from the Children's Hospital in Brno with a benefit concert "Children to Children". The participation of world-renowned pianists is undoubtedly a guarantee of high artistic quality. The culmination of the festival is a concert gala evening, to which the winners of the international piano competition from the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Israel, and Mexico will be invited.

It is, therefore, an opportunity to present the culture and history of Brno, to promote the city of Brno not only to local residents but also to foreign guests.

Mrs. Věra Lejsková is celebrating 88 years this year, the piano has 88 keys, the year is 2018 and from the opening concert, which will be performed on 8 hands, to the final International Art Podium, a cross-section of the composer's jubilant milestones will take place.

The festival takes place in cooperation with the Brno Art School, the Brno Conservatory and JAMU, and the Club of Moravian Composers. The main organizer is Intercultural Creative Life, z.s. and co-organizers of the festival are PETROF, Hradec Králové, Vila Löw-Beer, and Brno Conservatory.


THURSDAY 11/15/2018

19:00 - Opening concert DUO PETROF - Mexico DUO EGIA - Russia / Macedonia

Program: J. N. Hummel, C. Debussy, B. Martinů, S. Slonimskij, A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, A. Aslamas, V. Lejsek (90 min. With a break)


FRIDAY 11/16/2018

9: 00-10: 30 - lecture: Prof. PhDr. Milos Stedron, CSc. (Brno, MUNI) Brno cultural life and architecture of the interwar period

10: 30-11: 15 - concert: the content thematically follows the lecture

11: 15-11: 30 - pause

11: 30-12: 30 - lecture: PhDr. Vít Gregor, Ph.D. (Prague, KU) The life and work of Franz Schubert

12: 30-13: 15 - concert: the content thematically follows the lecture

13: 15-13: 30 - pause

13: 30-14: 30 - lecture: Mgr. Helena Weiser (Brno, JAMU) Chamber music (piano as a part of a musical ensemble)

14: 30-15: 15 - concert: the content is thematically connected to the lecture

15: 15-15: 30 - pause

15: 30-16: 30 - lecture: Prof. Ing. MgA. Ivo Medek, Ph.D., Sára Medková Contemporary music - new challenges

16: 30-17: 15 - concert: the content thematically follows the lecture

17: 45-18: 45 - lecture: Prof. Věra Lejsková The Life and Work of Vlastimil Lejsk

19:00 - "Children for children" - a benefit concert

Performed by pupils of the Brno Elementary Art Schools, pupils, and students of the Conservatory and JAMU, winners of national and international competitions



co-organizer Conservatory, Brno co-organizer Petrof, Hradec Králové

9: 30-12: 00 - day with PETROF Ing. Ivan Vaculík Pianos Petrof: yesterday, today and tomorrow

12: 15-13: 15 - concert: in cooperation with the Club of Moravian Composers

13: 30-14: 30 - a window to teaching: Jelena Kapitula (ZUŠ J. Kvapila) Working with gifted children

14: 30- composer and pianist Jan Šimíček - jazz/improvisation, workshop with Mr. Šimíček

19: 00 - International Art Podium

Concert of the winners of the international piano competition from Israel, Germany, Russia, Macedonia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic